Bradley Acker

Google Tasks

by Brad Acker

New for me (2019-03-19) you can now create a task for a specific time and also have it repeat. Before you could only select the day. It will be nice to see these in your calendar along with events.

Google has had tasks for as long as I can remember but never gave it much time. It also never got rid of it like many other Google projects over the years.

It only recently launched a mobile app (2018). Before you could only use the very basic canvas website, which will now go away (2019-03-19 is the date I went to it and saw the notice).

Many people got frustrated with no updates and lack of features that many others provided. Google Calendar has and still is very popular from my experience.

Google now has a sidebar in the Calendar for Tasks and Keep. Gmail has all three. The sidebar is collapsible for times you aren't using it.

Jan. 2020 update - I had one list that wasn't working on mobile, so I had to view it in the calendar web app sidebar. I made sure I had all the tasks elsewhere and proceeded to delete that list. Now I only have one list. I'm not using Google Tasks that much but it is nice for turning emails into Tasks and assigning a date to them. That way they show up in my calendar. I think with the basic features they provide this is basically the only way to use it for now.